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REEL 2019


Designs made for a promotional campaign of the automobile news media "Interauto". Monochromatic compositions based on brand identity and modeled elements directly in Cinema 4d.
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REEL 2018

Motion Reel 2018 Colection of motion graphics works back in 2018 REEL 2018
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Suck it :) This 3D Lettering was inspired by one of the best lines from a character in the animated show "Bojack Horseman". Very usefull in real life moments :) Play
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In México there is a certain candy that if quite famous among the children. Basically, is candy hand in wish you can read your luck. Delicious and awesome meet. Here I made a tribute to this candy with Cinema 4d, but I think that my luck is not that great as yours.
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F YOU 3D LETTERING A little piece of 3D artwork illustrating the most beautiful and elegant expression in the English Language.
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